Scientific Greek, Textbook and CD, Levels B1-B2

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Scientific Greek

Title: Scientific Greek 
Level: B1-B2
Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Author: Collective work
ISBN: 978-960-7329-02-8
Binding: Soft cover
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Shape (cm): 21Χ29
Pages: 216 + 286


The new multicultural conditions in Greece, as more and more foreign employees arrive, have created new needs and perspectives in teaching the Greek language. Therefore, a double orientation is necessary: learning the language to sufficiently rise to everyday communicational needs and also to be able to deal with more specialized circumstances in various work places.

“Scientific Greek” has been designed for students of an intermediate level (B1 – B2) and it includes special vocabulary about mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology, biology and informatics. These scientific fields have been chosen as they correspond better with the modern needs and extra emphasis has been added on their special terminology.

“Scientific Greek” was part of the European Programme Leonardo da Vinci (EL/2004/B/F/LA-148110) and was developed by a team of Educational Organizations (University of Murcia – Spain, University of Lecce – Italy, ELBEA Ltd – Bulgaria and ELEA Ltd – Multimedia Applications for the software development of the material) with the coordination of the Hellenic Language School Alexander the Great.


 Scientific Greek – Educational Material – Unit 1