ALPHA Publications operate since 1972. They started with textbooks on Aircraft Technology which have been revised lot of times and now they are available at their 18th edition. Since 1975 they publish textbooks for the teaching of Greek to foreigners and today they publish what is the unique full series of such books.

These books are based on the initial development and long testing by the School of Greek language and Culture ‘Alexander the Great’ in cooperation with European Universities and Schools where ancient and modern Greek are taught. Besides they publish other relative books.

Between 1998 and 2008 they have been publishing a series of books on educational and professional guidance. Among them were the "Searching for a University" and "Colleges, the Forerunners of private Universities" which now are available free of charge on our website.

Starting 2011 the company broadened their activities and they entered the area of electronc education by absorbing the relative technology of ELEA Computer Systems ELEA Lmtd.

Based on this ALPHA has participated in four important European projects: re-agrofood-mede-griko and Linguanet. Besides the company has published and distributes the books which have been developed under these programs.

All ALPHA books are presented at the left per thematic category. It is noted that on our site one may review the first chapter of the Greek language books.

Μια πεντάρα για να σωθεί η Ελλάδα

Featured Books

You already know Greek, Textbook and CD, Levels A1-A2

This book is the first book of the teaching method of the new Greek foreign. Accompanied by multimedia drive (multimedia CD)

Travel to Greece II, Textbook and CD, Levels B1-B2

Accompanied by multimedia drive (multimedia CD)

I Sing Greek, Textbook and CD, Levels B1-B2

Accompanied by multimedia drive (multimedia CD)

Temples and Chapels of Aitolia and Akarnania

History, tradition, culture - Author: Nicholas Voulgaris

Messolonghi 1821-1829, the immortal defenders

Author: Nikolaos Kolomvas, the immortals early fighters

Eleutheria-Freedom, The Sieges and the Exodus of Messolonghi in European literary and musical works

Author: Spyros Kaninias Freedom, the sieges and Messologgi exodus in European poetry, prose and musical works

Messolonghi 1826, The fate of I. Mayer's family and the list of prisoners

Messolongi 1826, Fate of I. Mayer's family and a list of prisoners of Exodus - Author: Spyridon Sakalis

Aircraft Materials Technology

Aircraft Materials Technology

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

Aircraft Gas Turbine Engines

Aircraft Piston Engines

Aircraft piston engines

Aircraft Technology Vol. 1

Aircraft Technology

Dictionary of synonym and antonym phrases

Author: Adam Adam. This book has a completely novel structure and an essential tool for anyone who wants to handle our language right way attracting the attention of the listeners or readers.

English - Greek phrasebook with a short greek grammar

Modern Greek for every day use