I Sing Greek, Textbook and CD, Levels B1-B2

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I Sing in Greek

Title: I Sing in Greek 
Level: B1-B2
Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Author: Collective work
Binding: Soft cover
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Pages: 404


Keeping in mind that a song can be an object of various activities and a driving force in learning a language – modern Greek in this case – we should not forget that there is an abundance of songs which present the history and mentality of the Greek people as well as their stand on different events. This is the reason why we have developed an educational material based on songs. The songs we have used are familiar to everyone and they can function not only as an aid in teaching grammatical and syntactical phenomena, but also as a source of information about how the Greek people think and what their life and mentality is like.

“I sing in Greek” is a modern supplementary educational material, aimed at students of intermediate level (B1 – B2). It includes 52 songs of various categories (traditional, Cretan, wedding songs, social, of islands, rebetika etc), texts with folklore or historical elements of the songs, with their composers or lyric-writers, with the musical instruments that accompany them etc, and, at the same time, with an appropriate vocabulary and grammar for the students’ level. Our main target is to promote an easiermore efficient and pleasant teaching and usage of the Greek language through the rich music production of our country.

“I sing in Greek” was part of the European Socrates Programme (225981-CP-1-2005-1-GR-LINGUA-L2) and was developed by a team of Educational Organisations (European Association for Education and DevelopmentECEDand DELTA Plovdiv, Universita Degli Studi di MessinaInstituto Comprensivo-Corigliano d’ Otranto and the Association of Greeks in Romania, while ELEA Ltd was responsible for the software development of the project).

 I sing in Greek – Educational Material – Unit 1

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