Eleutheria-Freedom, The Sieges and the Exodus of Messolonghi in European literary and musical works

Author: Spyros Kaninias Freedom, the sieges and Messologgi exodus in European poetry, prose and musical works
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Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Author: Kaninios, Spiros A.
ISBN: 978-960-8215-25-2
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We are proud of the second edition of the book ELEUTHERIA by Spyros Kaninias, because with this we supplement the first part of our series about Messolonghi, which we had announced in 1998, when we had published the book "Messolonghi, the Immortal Defenders" by N. Kolomvas.

In this book, as its title clearly declares, poetic, prose and musical works are presented, which had the sieges and the Exodus of Messolonghi as source of inspiration and had been published during that era in Europe.

The Publication and circulation of such a lot of poetic, prose and music works in various countriws proves that the attention of the European public was turned on Messolonghi not only with an interest in the war events but with emotion and real sympathy.

It is worth thinking, that during very serious recent wars the interest of the public ceases almost simultaneously with the last bullet or the last air attack.

It will not be anything new if I repeat that the EXODUS and the sacrifice of thousand of inhabitants and defenders of Messolonghi (a lot of them were foreigners) has been a very important moment for the so long anticipated liberation of the country from the barbaric Ottoman occupation.

So, once more all of us Greeks should bless the memory of our ancestors, who with their blood and swords opened for us the gate of FREEDOM.

K. Karkanias


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