You already know Greek, Textbook and CD, Levels A1-A2

This book is the first book of the teaching method of the new Greek foreign. Accompanied by multimedia drive (multimedia CD)
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You speak Greek already

Title: You speak Greek already 
Level: A1-A2
Publisher: Alpha Publishing
Author: Collective work
ISBN: 978-960-99321-0-3
Binding: Soft cover
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Weight: 1 Kg
Shape (cm): 21Χ29
Pages: 342


The colloquial words – mostly of Greek origin – that can be found in many languages and the habit of many teachers to use them during the first lessons with a beginners class as a motivation for their students, was what became the basis for “You speak Greek already”. Our main goal was to systematize this method, by turning it into a pleasant, interesting and creative educational manual. Consequently, we have gathered “colloquial” words, divided them according to topics, located relevant authentic texts, worked out which the necessary grammatical phenomena would be and created exercises and activities that promote a successful result in learning the language.

“You speak Greek already” is a book for beginner students, who wish to learn Modern Greek, starting with the alphabet, everyday greetings, introductions and simple dialogues and reaching to small discussions in order to satisfy their basic social needs. A common element in all these cases has been the maximum consolidation of common Greek words and their combination with the basic communicational and grammatical structures of the beginner’s level.

This educational project ensued the European Programme “Education and Culture. Lifelong Learning Programme”. The coordinators were the British Hellenic College and the Hellenic language school “Alexander the Great” and the partners were the Educational Organisation ECED from Bulgaria, the University of Murcia in Spain, the Agency for the preservation of the Mediterranean Heritage  Euromediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency in Italy, the Greek Community of Latvia and the University Alexander Ioan Cusa in Iasi, Romania.

 You speak Greek already – Educational material – Unit 1

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